FG Con 16

Global RPG Con - Friday April 16th to Sunday April 18th, 2021

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Fantasy Grounds

Run games as the GameMaster or take part as a player, Fantasy Grounds provides all the necessary tools to communicate, manage information and perform tasks such as rolling the dice, sharing images, character sheet tracking, combat tracker and much more.

With the latest v3 upgrade to Fantasy Grounds the CoreRPG ruleset was added to allow major features to be added to all rulesets layered on CoreRPG. This major overhaul of Fantasy Grounds means that new features implemented by the Fantasy Grounds development team flow on to all rulesets built on top of this layer. It also makes new ruleset development easier and significantly upgrades many existing rulesets.

Fate: The One Ring

Fate: The One Ring screen shot.

Fantasy Grounds has 3 license types.

  • Free license As the name suggests, the free version of Fantasy Grounds is free. With this license you can join a game run by a GM with an ultimate license. Also, during FG Con you can join a game ran by a GM with a full license – but this is just for the duration of FG Con.
  • Full License: The FullLicense allows you to both join a game as a player and host a game for other players as the GM. Full Licenses cost $39 each one off payment, or $3.99/month subscription.
  • Ultimate License: The Ultimate License allows you to host a game for other players – even if they dont have a Lite or Full license they can still join your game as a player. Ultimate License holders can of course also join other games as a player. Ultimate Licenses cost $149 each one off payment, or $9.99/month subscription.

What License do I need to participate in FG Con? None – you may download and use the Unregistered (free) version to join any game during FG Con.

Is my license perpetual? Are there any ongoing charges? All one-off payment licenses are perpetual, subscription licenses have a monthly fee. Upgrades are normally free. There are typically 4 updates/upgrades per year – and your client software will let you know when its time to run the update and will even do the update for you. There is additional content and rulesets available from the Fantasy Grounds Store but these are not required. NOTE: There may be a one-off upgrade cost with a major platform change in the future.

What License should I buy? We hope you will really enjoy participating in FG Con. If you do decide to buy a license you should consider how you will use the software. If you are always the GM and you have an established group you might want to buy a single Ultimate License (get your players to subsidize the cost with you). If you are always a player then you might only need the Full License or contribute towards your GM’s Ultimate license. If you want to both play and GM then the Full License is great value at $39. If you share the GM duties around then your group might need to get Full licenses for each player/GM.

You can purchase licenses over at the Fantasy Grounds Store.


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