FG Con 16

Postponed - Date To Be Confirmed

Event List

GM Guidelines

Hi Games Masters! You should read the attached GM Guidelines for instructions on adding your game event. When you are ready to add your game click here. We really appreciate your involvement and support of FG Con.

Please see the Code of Conduct.

Note:  You must hold at least a Fantasy Grounds full license to be able to run events at FG Con.

SmiteWorks will temporarily upgrade all Full licenses to Ultimate for the convention so that players without a FG License can play.

GMs: Please always run your game in Live Mode – this is the current live, production version of Fantasy Grounds.  Please avoid using test or dev versions as players will get confused if they have to switch between versions during the convention.

If you need any help along the way or want to discuss your ideas please email team@fg-con.com and the first available team member will respond to your query.