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Global RPG Con - Friday April 16th to Sunday April 18th, 2021

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Hero Kids

Date: Saturday, April 17 2021
Time: 22:00 - 00:00 (GMT)
FG Type (Classic or Unity): Unity

Ruleset: Hero Kids
Games Master: Damned
Minimum Players: 2   Maximum Players: 4
Booked: 2   Pending: 0
Available: 2

  • Hector Trelane

Hero Kids is a ENnie award-winning fantasy RPG for kids aged from 4 to 10 (suggested).   This game offers a fast and fun introduction to RPGs, perfect for younger kids who are just getting interested in role-playing games.   The game will soon be available to purchase on Fantasy Grounds.

•  Develop your kids’ imagination and skills
•  Simple mechanics using only six-sided dice
•  Beautiful presentation, with fully illustrated heroes, monsters, and maps
•  10 heroes, including boys and girls
•  Challenge kids with combat and exploration
•  Typical Playtime 60 minutes

Hero Kids has a simple combat and adventuring system which avoids the complex math of full-blown systems.   Hero Kids‘ opposed dice pool system also keeps the players involved in the game even when it’s not their turn.

The combat and adventuring mechanics in Hero Kids are based on six-sided dice, so you don’t need to find any unusual dice to play!


I would like to see some young people join in this game but they will need an adult to assist them for the entire duration of the game. Ideally there would be 4 children playing, each with an adult assisting them. If there are less than 4 children then one or more adults can pick up the additional characters if they wish to. If your child has played in an earlier session of Hero Kids with me, and they were able to handle themselves appropriately then they may play in a second session without (but with your permission!). If you have two children who wish to play, one adult may assist both children.


Please note – parents should sign up on their childs behalf. Do not sign up with your childs details. All communications will go to the person signing up for the event and that should be the adult.


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  1. Hector Trelane
    March 24, 2021 at 23:38

    I’ve got two young kids coming to this–any other wee RPGers who can join this introductory run?

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