FG Con 16

Global RPG Con - Friday April 16th to Sunday April 18th, 2021

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FG Con – May 2014

FG Con 4 – Its a wrap! 

Wow – that was a busy weekend – a busy long weekend. We ran over 40 sessions and had over 180 players over the course of the weekend. There was the odd hiccup – we had one GM taken to hospital just before her session – we hope you are ok – but all in all it was a successful event.

Thank you to all the GMs who ran sessions at FG Con. Three of you ran rulesets you coded yourselves – one of which is entirely his own creation! Two rulesets were even run using the generic CoreRPG – showing off some versatility. We had good timezone coverage – games were getting played at all sorts of times so most people were able to find sessions that worked for them.

We had 15 Pathfinder sessions actually run and 8 Savage Worlds. In addition we had Castles&Crusades, Rolemaster Classic, D&D, Numenera, Fate (Dresden Files), Extinction Event, BRP (Star Frontiers), Star Wars: Edge of the Empire,  Dungeon Crawl Classics, Gumshoe and Champions.

Ive sent out some surveys to the GMs and players – if you havent completed please do so – 10 questions on each survey so it wont take much time and all your feedback goes into improving the event for next time.

Keep reading below because there is a lot of stuff happening on Fantasy Grounds right now and we want to share it with you.

Fantasy Grounds now on Steam!

Fantasy Grounds launched on Steam right in the middle of FG Con – how is that for timing!

There are some great deals for anyone wanting to buy Fantasy Grounds – you can buy the Full GM License for only $30 or you can buy 4 licenses for only $90 and gift some to your friends.

Another 16 pieces of additional content (rulesets and modules) are also available right now at 25% off. Hurry – these deals expire on the 17th May!

For all you good people who already own Fantasy Grounds – you will recive Steam keys in the next week or so for all products you have bought from either the Fantasy Grounds Store or RPG Now.

From what I can see there has been a big surge in new players coming through Steam and that is great for the community.

Check out the Steam offerings here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/252690 

Ruleset Wizard for Fantasy Grounds

And if the Steam Launch wasnt enough – programming guru Psicodelix has just launched a crowdfunding project to complete his Ruleset Wizard for Fantasy Grounds (RWfFG). This awesome tool will greatly speed up development of new rulesets.

The target is ambitious but its an involved and complicated piece of software to deliver. Psicodelix knows his stuff and Im really looking forward to this seeing the light of day. The project basically needs 300 backers at $50 and we are home – whilst that might seem like a stretch I know plenty of people who would like to be able to code their favourite rulesets – or even just the character sheets and themes – and this tool will make that achievable for most of us. All that goodness for only $50. Well he is actually asking for Euros but close enough.

Check out the project page here – ok – the video is not that exciting – since when is programming anything exciting? I have it on good authority that we will see a new video in the next few days!


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