FG Con 12

FG Con 12: April 13th - 15th 2018

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TeamSpeak Instructions


During FG Con all games will use TeamSpeak for voice comms. We have a Fantasy Grounds Community Server that has been generously supplied by member Mellock for our use.

TeamSpeak is a multi-user voice chat system that allows a group of players to communicate via voice. It has features that include private conversations, push to talk, voice activation and more. The TeamSpeak client is free to download and the FG Con server is free to use during the Con weekend.

Client Installation

Please use the latest client version. At the very least you must use TeamSpeak 3 or you will be unable to connect. The TeamSpeak client is free and you can get the latest version for PC, Mac and Linux from the teamspeak website:


Once you have installed TeamSpeak you will need to run through the setup wizard to tune your computer, headset and microphone. it only takes 3mins but please do this well before the game!


You must use a Headset and Mic. If you havent got one please buy one – they cost as little as $6 (and range right up to well over $200!) but this will improve the gaming experience for everyone. If you do not use a headset and mic and your mic introduces too much noise into the game your Games Master may remove you from the game as you may be preventing others from participating properly.


The TeamSpeak server is hosted here: ts.fg-con.com
Password: Dungeoneers – note password is case sensitive

To connect click Connections -> Connect -> Server Address: ts.fg-con.com -> Nickname: your own Nickname (this is what people will see) ->  Password: Dungeoneers -> Connect.

FG Con Teamspeak connection

Finding Your Game

Your game channel will normally be available about 15mins before the game is scheduled to start (sometimes your GM may be late as he/she may be finishing up an earlier session). Go to The Games Channel and double click your game name. Listen first before joining in just in case a previous session is still filling up. You may join other channels and listen only. If you disturb other channels you will be kicked and may be banned…


Experiment with Voice Activation. It is easiest to use and with a little tuning it will work well. Some people find this doesnt work for them – the mic picks up too much background noise or doesn’t kick in properly – then try Push To Talk. For Push To Talk you configure a hot key or hot key combination that will activate the Mic when you want to talk. Make sure you pick a key that you dont normally use or can go without.

Definitely run through the setup wizard to tune your computer, headset and microphone. Please do this well before the game!

Dont disturb other game sessions. Dont Shout or play loud noises down the line.

Have fun!

Here is an example of 4 games being played on Teamspeak at the last FG Con:

FG Con Saturday Morning

Backup server

In the unlikely event that there is an issue with the main server, there is a backup available at:

The TeamSpeak server is hosted here: voice.fg-con.com
Password: Dungeoneers

To avoid any confusion, only use this if instructed to by your Games Master. If you are on this server and everyone else is on the other server… you wont have much fun.