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[SXG] Savage Secrets: Code Name: Skyhook

Date: Sunday, October 16 2016
Time: 23:00 - 04:00 (GMT)
FG Type (Classic or Unity):

Ruleset: Savage Worlds
Games Master: Ted
Minimum Players: 3   Maximum Players: 7
Booked: 7   Pending: 0
Available: 0

  • Ted
  • Roxville
  • dstuffle
  • Fobok
  • Wind Serpent
  • blackcoffee
  • mountainbeta

One of the most difficult situations now facing the free world is the increasing incidence of terrorist activity. Kidnappings, hijackings, and assassinations are becoming commonplace as individual gangs of international terrorists employ violence to make political statements without regard to life or property.

Recently, however, events have taken a more serious turn. This agency has evidence that a secret international cartel, whose existence has only been suspected, is supplying and arming individual terrorist groups, as well as providing professional military training.

Further, the agency has learned that a Senor Manuel de Gama has been acting as a recruiting agent for a secret terrorist training center located somewhere in South America. De Gama has been traced through Africa and Europe, apparently contacting groups interested in advanced guerrilla training.

The agency has since located de Gama’s personal headquarters, a large, well-guarded villa in the Spanish highlands near Barcelona. Little information regarding the villa is available, however, the agency has established the following facts:
1) The villa has two stories, with a cellar of indeterminate size.
2) There is a staff of 12, including 6 to 9 armed guards. It is unlikely that the guards have automatic weapons, as de Gama is keeping a low profile.
3) De Gama intends to spend the next month at the villa. De Gama has been careful to avoid the official attention of Spanish authorities.

No help can be expected from local enforcement agencies, nor can this agency help you if you are arrested. Be advised that automatic weapons are highly illegal and that the penalties for possession are severe.

The countryside surrounding the villa is wild and deserted, except for a few small villages and scattered villas. The inhabitants are known to be suspicious and distrustful of strangers and some may be in league with de Gama.

It is believed that De Gama is holding maps, lists, and other vital information on the South American training center and the groups that use it. As de Gama’s activities threaten the stability of the area and jeopardize agency operations in this region, your team will undertake the following mission:

1) Secure maximum information concerning the terrorist operations.
2) Capture or neutralize De Gama.

The team will approach the villa near dawn using paraglide equipment. After concealing your gear, you will penetrate the villa and accomplish your mission. You will secure one of the numerous vehicles at the villa to make your escape, then proceed to Barcelona, where you will be retrieved by the agency.

Secrecy is of the utmost importance. If the terrorists believe their location is known, they will relocate. De Gama’s disappearance must be explained, or his death must appear accidental.

This is the mission you have been training for months. Unfortunately, time is not on your side. A De Gama’s supported operation had major issues in the last 24 hours. It is believed that De Gama’s plans to stay have changed or may be changing soon.



We will be playing using the Savage Worlds rule set with material from the classic Top Secret RPG. Knowledge of either rule set is not required.

Pre-gens provided.

Genre: Spycraft / Covert Ops
Newbie Friendly: Yes
Pre-requisites: Headset/Microphone/FantasyGrounds/Teamspeak

I have an Ultimate license


This event is fully booked.

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  1. blackcoffee
    October 16, 2016 at 22:38

    Does anyone know the FG host alias and team speak room for our game?

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