FG Con 16

Global RPG Con - Friday April 16th to Sunday April 18th, 2021

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Palace of the Efreeti

Date: Sunday, November 10 2019
Time: 17:00 - 21:00 (GMT)
FG Type (Classic or Unity):

Ruleset: D&D 5e
Games Master: Tsriel
Minimum Players: 3   Maximum Players: 5
Booked: 5   Pending: 0
Available: 0

  • Myzzrym
  • Tilion
  • Lupus
  • Lou Ciphor
  • Shoqin

A young Mulmaster nobleman attempts to revive the Cult of Eternal Flame by seeking out the patronage of a powerful being. His relatives have hired you to stop his plans and bring him home, even if you must chase him across the planes and over the Sea of Fire to do so.
A four-hour adventure for 8th level characters.

Pregens will be provided for you and come fully prepared. You’ll have a large pool of options to choose from, at least 1 representation from every class. All characters are picked on first come first serve basis. Please arrive roughly 30 minutes early to choose a character and customize it.


This event is fully booked.

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