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Dungeonlands Jumpstart

Date: Sunday, November 10 2019
Time: 14:00 - 18:00 (GMT)
FG Type (Classic or Unity):

Ruleset: Savage Worlds
Games Master: ellspeth
Minimum Players: 4   Maximum Players: 6
Booked: 7   Pending: 0
Available: -1

  • cain_roenor
  • EmilyH
  • myrtheus
  • Devilspork
  • Macabreus
  • KiiroBahamut
  • GunbunnyFuFu


“Riches. Power. Bragging rights in your local hero-hangout tavern. Dungeons bring all those things. Dungeonlands adds one word: deceased. It’s known as a killer dungeon for a reason, and I’m a big (big) fan of avoiding the place entirely. Find your adrenaline rush somewhere else. Anywhere else.

Today, though… today I’m telling you to go into Dungeonlands. I know, I know. Pick a message and stick to it. Totally unreliable. Next thing I’ll be saying that you should ditch your 10′ pole and coiled rope (seriously, don’t do that – you’ll probably need those).

I also know that you’re ready. I wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t important. There are rumors on the Awakened grapevine that a special unit of Tempest scouts has found a portal into Dungeonlands from another realm. A little magic scroll told me they’re looking to corrupt the entire Machine which runs Dungeonlands. That’s bad news.

What I don’t know is where the Tempest scouts are coming from. The only way to stop them is to find the other end of the portal, inside Dungeonlands itself. Shut it down and earn those bragging rights. Without becoming deceased, please.”

New players welcome, pre-gens provided.

This is one of 7 new jumpstarts set in the Mortal Realms 23 of the Suzerain Continuum from Savage Mojo.


This event is fully booked.

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  1. cain_roenor
    October 3, 2019 at 13:19

    want to make sure I get a slot in this game ty JimN (jimnall92@hotmail.com)

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