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Global RPG Con - Friday April 16th to Sunday April 18th, 2021

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D&D Adventurers League – DDAL07-17 Cauldron of Sapphire (Historic)

Date: Sunday, April 18 2021
Time: 22:00 - 02:00 (GMT)
FG Type (Classic or Unity): Unity

Ruleset: D&D 5E
Games Master: Violet.fer
Minimum Players: 2   Maximum Players: 10
Booked: 10   Pending: 0
Available: 0

  • Len K.
  • Hammy
  • Cordero808@yahoo.com
  • Vallumartu
  • Alva
  • Jkert
  • MegabaseBill
  • djcowell
  • davorious
  • JwrightMP

Just off the southern coast of Chult churns the waters of the Cauldron, a single volcano with a terrible history. Legends from the jungle lands say that it vomits forth lava, stone, and monsters if the peninsula is threatened – and yet the recent events did not set if off. So why is it threatening to explode now?
Part Three of the Broken Chains Series.

A 4-hour Tomb of Annihilation adventure for Tier 4 characters (optimized for APL 18).

Please note this will seat up to 6 people even though it shows 10 spaces. Anyone after 6 is “waitlisted” and will be given a seat in case some of the first 6 players do not show up for the game.



Character levels 17-20

Written by Robert Adducci



This event is fully booked.

  4 comments for “D&D Adventurers League – DDAL07-17 Cauldron of Sapphire (Historic)

  1. AngusMcsmashie
    April 17, 2021 at 15:31

    not sure how to do this? But I need to withdraw from this game – sorry.

  2. Violet.fer
    April 17, 2021 at 18:57

    Hey everyone, Violet the AL Coordinator for Fantasy Ground here. Some important information to look out for.

    First, I am in the process of trying to get our total player count to 9 (4 more people needed) so that our epic can fire! If you have any friends you’d think would like to play, please reach out to them!

    1) Please join the Fantasy Grounds server where FGCon will be held.

    Discord Link Here: https://discord.gg/DJMTYSs3

    I’ll be making the tables tonight, the ones will be using will be called FGCon – D&DAL Table 1,2,etc and will be below the FGCon – D&DAL category.
    Check the FGCon – D&DAL category for information including our code of conduct, pregens, character creation server info, and table assignments.
    There will be a channel called Table Assignments which will tell you which table # to join. You’ll meet your DM there and get connection information to the game as well

    2) Character Creation Server Information
    Server One – Status: OPEN
    Software: Fantasy Grounds Unity
    Owner: @Violet (she/her)
    Join Information:
    Cloud Game: Vi’s Character creation server – desktop
    GM Name: viviolay
    Password: fgcon.2021

    3) Helpful Tutorials
    Pictorial on How to Download Fantasy Ground Unity – Players

    Pictorial on How to Build a Character in Fantasy Grounds using the Character Builder Wizard for 5e – Easier and Recommended

    Character Building without Character Wizard (Longer/More Difficult so not recommended in lieu of the character wizard)

    DnD Beyond to FG Converter – 3rd party resource, not officially supported by FG or D&D Beyond (Make sure the character is set to “public” in dndbeyond.)

    I’ll be confirming people throughout the day, don’t worry about error emails.

    See you this weekend!

  3. Jkert
    April 18, 2021 at 20:23

    Stuck in LA traffic, I believe I’ll be a no-show this afternoon

  4. Cordero808@yahoo.com
    April 18, 2021 at 22:45

    please take me off the list I already did this adventure

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