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FG Con 11: October 13th - 15th, 2017!

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The Hidden Tomb (5e)

Date: Sunday, October 15 2017
Time: 13:00 - 16:00 (GMT)

Ruleset: D&D 5E
Games Master: joe813210
Minimum Players: 4   Maximum Players: 6
Booked: 0   Pending: 2
Available: 6

  • overlordblitz
  • williammathies

The Hidden Tomb by Patrick E. Pullen

A one-shot adventure for a party of 4-6 players of level 1-2.

The Tomb of Sir Galloway has been lost for centuries, buried deep in a dense, dark forest. Legend says that his crypt is hidden within the tomb and buried with him is a magical weapon.

Verne Westchaple, a local drunk, claims to have found a letter and a map that tells of the tomb’s whereabouts. Verne has sold the party the map for 10 GP and you’re all ready for your first real adventure.

Players will be able to pick their characters from a number of available pregenerated characters.  If preferred, booked players may set up a time to access my table the week of the Con to create their own character using the standard array, PHB, SCAG and Volo’s with standard class and background equipment.


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