FG Con 6 - April 17th - 19th 2015

Almost from the moment the last dice was rolled during the last session of FG Con 5 people have been telling us they want more! More FG Cons, more games, more genres, more rulesets! Well - we like to keep you happy! 

FG Con 6 will run from Friday evening 17th April (Aus and NZ) thru until late on Sunday 19th (US and Canada). Thats nearly 70 hours of great games on offer for players to participate in, 70 hours for GMs to show case their latest creations and for everyone to meet new people and plan great and heroic adventures!

GM registration officially opens on February 2nd - we are just finalising some coding updates. Many of you will already know the drill and we hope to see a bunch of new GMs joining in the fun for this great event. Once again SmiteWorks have agreed to promote all Full Licenses to Ultimate for the duration of FG Con opening the games up to more GMs and Players!

Players - you cant sign up for games just yet - player registration will open on February 28.

Some of the highlights of FG Con 5

• We ran 48 sessions - thats 23% more than FG Con.

• We had over 280 bookings which is almost 50% more than FG Con 4.

• We ran our first hangout sessions and recorded them live onto Youtube. The 4 Hangout Sessions were for new Players and GMs and can be found here: http://www.fg-con.com/latest-news/fg-con-hangout-recordings/

• 18 Pathfinder Society Events

• Games in Swedish and German

• Over 20,000 visits to the http://www.fg-con.com site 

Contact team@fg-con.com if you have questions and we'll get back to you asap!

Savage Worlds 4 on Fantasy Grounds

Savage Worlds is one of the most popular rulesets being used on Fantasy Grounds. Its easy to see why its such a popular system with so many different genres and settings available for Savage Worlds. Several community members have been working overtime for the past 12 months to bring you the new Savage Worlds 4 ruleset whch has so many new features over the SW3 ruleset it will blow you away.

Not only do you get all the great new features - as a licensed ruleset you also get the core rulebook in Fantasy Grounds format and all for only $10 in store or on Steam.

Extinction Event

Extinction Event is a brand new RPG written by community member Ardem - not only has he written a new RPG he has also produced a Fantasy Grounds ruleset for it too! You can download this game ruleset for free from the Fantasy Grounds Wiki (along with many other great rulesets).

Q. Describe the driving theme/concept behind Extinction Event?

The last few years I have been really getting into The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, The Last Ship, Jericho and other movies/tv series where the world is in trouble and a group of people are trying to survive. These people for the most part, are not trained or ready for the event and have to adapt very quickly to survive this new world.

I wanted to play an RPG in this vein but as a player I did not want to know what the event was until it happened. I really needed that mystery, maybe even catch that awe you get the first time you roleplay. I also wanted it deadly to show the horrors of a real life event. Your enemies their strengths or weaknesses are unknown, until you shoot or bash the enemy for the first time. The ruleset allows you to play all these modern or postmodern scenarios as it does not lock you into one event.

Q. What is your favourite game mechanic?

I am very proud of many aspects, so it hard to nut down one. I was really after a ruleset that would not have a lot of bookkeeping but really create some tactical depth. I think I really captured the depth but created such a simplified combat thought my cover and wound system. The most important aspect in a gun fight is exposing as little as possible to the enemy. Hiding behind a corner over a car etc. The game has a very simple on target mechanic and easy to get hits, however the wound mechanic takes cover into account. You roll for the location and severity of the wound, if hit is behind hard cover then no wound. There is no hitpoints to worry about speeding up bookkeeping. The wound could be grazed, break a bone, have a lung punctured or suffer a death killing wound. Extinction Event is VERY deadly, make sure to bring more than one character to a session.

Q. What Fantasy Grounds features does your ruleset utilise?

I am really lucky that Core RPG was started as was beginning to create the ruleset. Much of the CoreRPG functionality is included. One of the things about the Extinction Event is use of Dice Pools against a target number, much like Shadowrun and some other games. I had to include all the dice rolling from the character sheet, with some colouring of the dice to make quickly visible to the player and GM alike on Success or fails.

Another feature is the Quick Cover guide, which allows you to select a style of cover your in and grey out the area which are in cover to help you quickly identify if you been hit or not.

I am not finished additions yet, there is more I would like to do to the ruleset to make is even easy for GM and players alike.

Q. What are some of your inspirations in writing this game?

I have so many inspirations in writing this ruleset, but from the mechanic side I would say Shadowrun and Rolemaster are my two greatest inspirations. Both of these games I have cut my teeth on in RPG since of was a teenager, so you can see some the influence such as dice pools and critical from these games. Also fantasy ground is my major inspiration, I started modifying the rolemaster ruleset to include the FRP version, without doing this and playing some much Fantasy Ground games I would never of put pen to paper.

Q. Will we see you run a session at FG Con 6?

Definitely I am looking forward to running one event, possibly two with enough interest. I wouldn't even mind playing in one if there is a budding GM out there <hint anyone>. I ran one in FG Con 4, and it worked very well as a one shot. I played a game of alien invaders in my home town of Sydney, Australia. as a GM it was easy to visualise, nothing better than visualising the destruction of your home city from major space invaders.

Kickstarter Watch

As usual we bring you a selection of cool Kickstarters that are running right now.

• Sleeper RPG: A conspiracy horror tabletop roleplaying game 

• Nefertiti Overdrive: High Octane Action in Ancient Egypt 

• Plotbuilder (Rebooted) Card Deck for building story frameworks 

• DemonWars: Allheart RPG designed for Solo or small group play 

• MajiMonsters: Monster-Catching Tabletop Role-playing Game 

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More Resources

Fantasy Grounds has been really growing over the last 12 months.

• There is a lot of great activity going on at the official forums: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/community/

• The D&D 5E ruleset (without copyright material) is just amazing and included free!

• Savage Worlds 4 ruleset is available for $10 and all Savage Worlds DLC has been discounted!

• Fate Core is available Pay What You Want!

• Fantasy Grounds is now available on Steam!

• And via subscription: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/store/

• The guys over at SXG continue to put on stacks of great games and welcome new players - sign up for free and meet some really welcoming gamers: http://extraordinarygamers.com/

• A bunch of G+ Fantasy Grounds groups have sprung up: 

• FG Con, Fantasy Grounds and Fantasy Grounds + 5e

• Getting Started hangout sessions

Looking forward to seeing you around real soon!